This is very important yogic exercise, which helps to provide energy to the body, and helps to control the mind.  'Nidhra' refers to a state of sleep.  Yoga Nidhra is the state between sleep and wakefulness.  In our epic we have read that Lord VISHNU used to sleep at the end of yoga.  This symbolic representation of our epic has been given to this yogic exercise, so that it is considered as one of the important yogic exercises.


1.  Lie down on ground, slowly bend both the knees so as the bring the legs over the head.

2.  Exhaling slowly, bend both the legs as shown in the figure.  The foot serves as pillow (refer Fig. 69.0).


3.  Place the hands with grips near the hips (refer Fig. 69.0).

4.  Here the legs placed behind the neck serve as pillow

5.  Ensure that the back of the upper arm is in contact with the back of the thighs.

6.  Hold in this position for about 8 to 10 seconds with normal breathing.

7.  Exhaling slowly, release the handgrip first and then release the leg grip.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  Practicing this yogic exercise helps to get the body warmed up instantly.  This exercise is advisable to athletes and sportsmen to keep the body warm immediately.

2.  It involves extensive stretch of back,, shoulder, legs and knees, which help to eliminate back pain, shoulder and leg pains.

3.  Practicing this exercise helps to cure the problem in the area of kidney, liver, spleen, intestine, gall bladder, prostates and urinary bladder.


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