VRISCHIKASANA    II:   (Scorpion Posture)

    This is an advanced posture of Vrischikasana.


1.  Perform Adhomuka Vrikshasana.  After getting the balance exhale slowly and bend the knees so that the feet rest on the crown of the head (refer Fig. 95.0).

VRISCHIKASANA    II:   (Scorpion Posture)

2.  Hold in this position for a few seconds, slowly  come back to the normal position.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  An effective exercise to cure all spinal problems an abdominal diseases.

2.  In Hatha yoga, this exercise is very significant in respect of psychological function of human body.  Practicing this exercise reduces emotional stress, hatred and depression.  It provides concentration, mental peace and tones up the nervous system of the body.

3.  The legs, knees and back are stretched in these exercises, the ailments in these areas are cured effectively.

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