This is the most advanced and the final stage of shalabhasana.


1.  After performing Purna shalabhasana, slowly remove the feet from the head and then slowly slide on the ground to the maximum extent (refer Fig. 77.0).  The hip should touch the crown of the head .


2.   Hold in this position for about 8 to 10 seconds with even breathing.

3.  Slowly go; back to the original position of shalabhasana and then back to ;normal position.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  The advanced posture of shalabhasana has several  therapeutic advantages, more particularly this exercise nourishes the nervous system in Muladhara sector.  So this exercise helps to increase the blood circulation in the region of pelvic plexus, hypo-gastric plexus and pharyngeal plexus.

2.  This exercise helps to cure diabetes, enlarged prostate, fistula, stomach ulcer and other abdominal disorders.

3.  The advanced shalabhasana, that is, Purna and Viparitha shalabhasana  helps to provide good exercise to the eyes, particularly for central fixation.

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