Vibhakta means,  "separate".  Janu refers to  "knee" and shirsha means  "the head". Here separate the legs towards opposite direction and then place the head on the knee.


1.  Perform Hanumanasana (refer Fig. 61.0).

2.  Raise the hands upward.  Exhale slowly and bend the back so that chin touches the foot.  (refer Fig.63.0).


3.  Slowly moving the head towards the knee, grip the toes.  The crown of the head should touch the knee (refer Fig.63.1).  Entire body should be firm and stretched.


4.  Stay in this position for about 10 to 20 seconds with normal breathing.

5.  Inhale slowly, raise the head above and then slowly release the handgrip in order to resume normal position.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  In this asana the legs are stretched very well and hence it is most suitable

for athletes and sportsmen.

2.  This asana is most suitable for ladies because performing this exercise helps to cure various gynaecological problems.

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