USHTRASANA:  (Camel Posture)


1.  Sit in Vajrasana (as in Fig. 22.0).

2.  Exhale slowly and get up and place the right palm over right heel and left palm over the left heel.  The back should be straight.

3.  Keep the neck stretched back (refer Fig.  43.0).


4.  Stay in this position for about 30 seconds with normal breathing.

5.  Release the hands slowly one by one and resume the normal position.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  This asana gives more exercise to the shoulder and to back, hence it helps to cure stiffness in the back and shoulder pain.

2.  This exercise helps to increase memory power and concentration.

3.  This exercise helps to reduce thirst and strain of the body.

4.  Helps to strengthen spinal column.

5.  Helps to cure kidney disorders.

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