'Urdhva'  means 'upward' .  'Mukha' refers to 'face'.  That is, the face upward.  Here the back and legs are stretched well.


1.  Sit on the ground stretching the legs forward.  Slowly bend the legs at the knees and hold the feet with the hands.  (refer Fig. 39.0).


2.  Exhale slowly and stretch the legs upward.  Place the head above the knees and stay for a few seconds in this position with normal breathing.  (refer Fig. 39.1).


3.  Slowly turn the hands in order to hold the grip on the heels.  (refer Fig. 39.2).


4.  Inhale slowly, release the hands and bend the leg in order to resume normal position.

Therapeutic Advantages.

1.  Though this exercise is having similar advantages as those of Paschimothasana, it provides equilibrium and mental stability and promotes mental concentration.

2.  In this exercise the legs and thighs are fully stretched.  Hence, this exercise is helpful to athletes and sports people.

3.  This gives good relief to back pain.

4.  This exercise helps to cure hernia.

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