'Triang' means 'oblique' 'mukha' denotes the face.  Uttana is intense stretch.  In this exercise there is an intense stretch of arms, legs and the trunk.


1.  Perform Chakrasana (refer Fig. 85.0).

2.  Exhale slowly, stretch the trunk as much as possible in order to bringf the hands and catch the shins just above the ankles.

3.  Move the head slowly so as to make an effort to take them near the hips (refer Fig. 91.0).


4.  Hold in this position for a few seconds.  Come back to Chakrasana and relax.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  This exercise helps to strengthen the legs, the thighs and the spine  Hence this exercise is helpful to athletes and sportsmen.

2.  Helps to cur joint pain, stiff neck and back pain.

3.  Abdominal disorder and disorders in the pelvic region ill be effectively cured.

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