SHIRSHASANA:  (Head Stand Posture)


1.  Sit on the ground and place the forearms on the ground.  Join the hands and interlock with the fingers.  Place the head in middle the interlocked hand.  Raise the hips and bring near the head.

2.  Raise the feet slowly by bending the knees.  Thereafter stretch the legs toll the entire body is vertical to the ground (refer Fig. 84.0).

SHIRSHASANA:  (Head Stand Posture)

3.  Breathe normally.  Stay in this position for about 1-2 minutes. 

4.  To come down, bend the knees slowly and once the feet and knees touch the ground, release the hands slowly.


1.  Those who are suffering from high blood pressure, weak heart and ear ache should not practise this exercise.

2.  Shirshasana should not be practiced immediately after performing difficult yogic exercises.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  This is one of the most useful exercises to control the entire nervous system.  It gives good health to all sensory organs because of better circulation of blood to ;the entire body system.

2. Due to the handstand position there is an abundant blood circulation to brain which helps to develop good memory and concentration.  It is recommended to students and school going children.

3.  Entire,  digestive system is toned up and it cures liver problems too.

4.  Most suited to athlete, sportsmen, and working professionals since this exercise provides mental concentration which is more important to these people.

5.  Those who suffer from loss of sleep, memory will benefit by practice of this exercise.

6.  The very important feature of shirshasana is that is provides systematic follow of blood to brain and nervous system.  Hence this asana is called as " King of asanas."  Still many of them fear that performing this exercise causes heart problems and few others fear that this exercise creates problems in the nervous system.  All these interpretations are totally wrong.  No doubt, initially one may find it difficult to perform this exercise.  But with constant practice one can attain perfection and also get the benefit of this yogic practice.

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