SHAVASANA:   (Corpse Pose--Complete Relaxation Posture)

      In Sanskrit  'shava' means a 'Dead body'.  Here in this exercise one has to lie down like a dead body in order to get complete relaxation.  The purpose of performing various yogic exercises is for the intention to obtain good health, mental happiness and also to get relaxation.  Shavasana is performed after completion of all the yogic exercises.  During the present busy life no one is able to experience complete relaxation, even though many comforts are available to us.  But only the physical comforts alone cannot provide complete ;relaxation.  Complete relaxation can be experienced only when both physical and mental relaxations are attained.  In medical sciences it is generally believed that when there is a mental relaxation most of the dreadful diseases are cured without and medicines.  Shavasana which is a very important yogic practice provides the complete method of total relaxation.

      The process and method of Shavasana appears to be simple but it is not so easy to practice.  Mere sleeping does not constitute Shavasana.   The exact systematic process of Shavasana is explained below.


1.  Lie flat on the floor with the face upward.  The whole body must be loose, at ease, and straight (refer Fig. 100).

SHAVASANA:   (Corpse Pose--Complete Relaxation Posture)

2.  Close the eyes and breathe slowly and evenly.

3.  Ensure that all the parts of the body, that is, from head to toe are relaxed.  The mind should be calm and vacant.  The unnecessary thinking or worldly interest should be completely avoided. 

4.  Start consciously relaxing each part of the body starting form head to toes and experience the total relaxation of each and every  part of the body.

5.  It is very essential that here should not be any outside disturbance while doing any yogic exercise, particularly Shavasana.

6.  Lie in this posture for about 10 to 15 minutes or mor3e till one finds complete relaxation of the entire body.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  Provides total and complete relaxation to body and mind which helps to cure several health problems, particularly nervous disorders, blood pressure, insomnia, relief from strain and fatigue, gastric trouble.

2.  Provides energy and freshness to the body and mind.

3.  Rhythmic breathing helps to tone up the respiratory system.


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