SHALABHASANA:   (Locist Posture)

        There are two types of exercises in shalabhasana.

A.  Ekapada Shalabhasana

B.  Dwipada Shalabhasana


1.  Lie down on the floor with the face downwards.

2.  Stretch the legs so that the toes are flat down on the ground.  The whole body should be straight and stiff. 

3.  Stretch the arms and place the thumbs freely on the ground.

4.  Inhale slowly, raise 5the left leg slowly as high as possible.  (refer Fig.  74.0).

SHALABHASANA:   (Locist Posture)

This exercise is termed as Ardha Shalabhasana and those who feet difficult to raise both the legs are advised to perform this exercise alternatively for both the legs.  Stay for about 30 seconds on each side.  Slowly bring down the legs and release.

5.  In Dwipada Shalabhasana try to raise both the legs slowly to the possible extent as shown in the posture.  (refer Fig. 74.1).

SHALABHASANA:   (Locist Posture)

6.  Hold few seconds with normal breathing.

7.  Exhale slowly and bring the legs down towards the ground and relax.

Suggestion:   It is advised to practice Ardha Shalabhasana first which helps to perform Shalabhasana once practice is continued for some time.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  This exercise helps to cure diabetes and prostate gland problems.

2.  This exercise gives good effect to the whole body and helps to tone up spine, lungs, chest, neck and shoulder.

3.  This cures various abdominal troubles including problems in the area of kidneys, liver, and pancreas.

4.  It cures pains in the region of thighs and legs and hence it is recommended for athletes and sportsmen.

5.  This exercise helps to cure chronic constipation.

(The therapeutic use of Ardha Shalabhaana is similar to Shalabhasana as explained above.)

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