'Paschima' refers to 'West' .  In this exercise the spinal chord gets more exercise and becomes more elastic.  'Paschima' here refers to the 'Dorsal or backside'.  'Thana'  means stretch.  The name itself  suggests that the back is stretched very well.


1.  Sit on the ground with extended leg forward (as fig in 20.0). 


The legs and thighs should remain straight.  Slowly bend forward and hold the big toes with hands.  (refer Fig. 38.0).


2.  Exhale slowly and bend the head and trunk downwards till it touches the knee.  Hold in this position about 20 seconds with normal breathing.

3.  Ensure to bold the toes while exercise is in process.  The legs should remain straight and touched to the ground (refer fig. 38.1).


4.  Inhale slowly and raise the head from th knees and come back to the original position.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  Since the stomach is exercised heavily, it removes obesity.  For obese people though it appears to be difficult to perform in the initial stage, but with gradual practice one can easily perform this exercise.

2.  This exercise tones up the spine, nerve system and abdominal area.  As such problems in the area of spine, nervous system and abdomen are cured.

3.  This exercise activates stomach, liver, kidneys and pancreas.  The diabetic people invariably perform this exercise in order to get good benefit.

4.  Practicing this exercise helps to better blood circulation and problems in prostate gland, uterus and urinary bladder will be cured.

5.  This is an effective exercise for those who are suffering from kidney problems.

6.  This exercise helps to cur skin disease and cures pains in the region of the spine and back.

7.  This exercise is particularly helpful to those who are short tempered and agitated, mentally depressed and those who are suffering from high blood pressure.

8.  Performing this exercise helps to increase vitality and cures impotency.

9.  This exercise effectively cures constipation and indigestion.


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