This exercise is quite similar to Mayrrasana.  But in this case, Mayurasana is performed with Padmasana posture.  Though it is similar to Mayrrasana, it gives utmost exercise and stimulation to the abdominal parts.


1.  Start with Padmasana as explained in fig.  20.1.

2.  Continue the process of Mayurasana.  The body should be horizontal to ground (refer Fig. 33.1). The whole body balance should be on the fingers.


Note:  Initially this asana may be difficult to perform, but with practice one can attain body balance and easily perform this exercise.  Since it is a difficult exercise, sick persons an pregnant women are advised not to practice this exercise.


Therapeutic advantages

1.  Performing this exercise tones up the abdominal portion, hence this exercise cures all the abdominal diseases most effectively.

2.  This exercise helps to increase digestive power and cures constipation and stomach pain.

3.  This exercise has curative effect for those suffering from diabetes.

4.  This exercise gives strength to the forearms, fingers, thighs and legs and hence it is more effective for athletes and sportsmen.

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