MARICHASANA: (Spinal Twist)


1.  Sit on the floor and stretch the legs forward.

2.  Bend the left knee and heel should touch the back of the thigh.  It should be perpendicular to the ground.  Move the shoulder and stretch the arms back and hold the hands.

3. Turn slowly to the left and take a few breaths (as shown Fig. 40.0).

MARICHASANA: (Spinal Twist)

4.  Exhale slowly and bend forward so that the chin is placed on the thigh just above the right knee.  The shoulder should be straight.  Stay in this position for a few seconds and breathe normally.  (refer Fig. 40.1)

MARICHASANA: (Spinal Twist)

5.  Inhale slowly, raise the head and relax.  Practice this exercise on the other side too.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  Practicing this exercise helps to cure all the spinal problems.

2.  This is a useful exercise for those who are suffering from gall-bladder and kidney problems.

3.  It is a good exercise for diabetic patients.

4.  This helps to cure shoulder pain and slipped disc.

5.  Helps to maintain good blood circulation in the abdominal region and keeps them healthy.

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