1.  Lie down on the floor with the face and body downward.

2.  Stretch the hands above the head and ensure to stretch both the legs to a maximum extent.

3.  Inhale slowly, raise both the legs and head upward (refer Fig. 78.0).  Hold in this posture for a few seconds with normal breathing.  The hands and legs should be stretched firmly.


4.  Exhale slowly, lower the legs and head simultaneously.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  This posture gives maximum stretch to the back, legs and hands.

2.  It cures back pain, and provides elasticity to the spinal chord.

3. As it gives maximum stretch it helps the children to grow fast and also helps to increase the height.

4.  The fat in the region of hips and abdomen are effectively reduced.

5.  Very good exercise to solve all the digestive problems.

6.  This exercise provides maximum stretch and hence it is more suitable to athletes and sportsmen, particularly to basketball players.

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