KUKKUTASANA:   (Cock Posture)



1.  Sit in Padmasana position (refer fig. 20.1).

2.  Drop the hands in between the space of the thighs and calf near the knees.  (as in Fig. 31.0).

3.  Press the palms on the ground and gradually raise the body above the ground with the balance of the palms (refer  Figs.  31.1 & 31.2). 



The hands should be straight.  Lift the head as shown in the figure.

4.  Hold and maintain balance for about 20 to 30 seconds with normal breathing.

5.  Release the hands slowly and rest on the floor.

KUKKUTASANA:   (Cock Posture)


6.  After attaining balance by doing exercise of Part-I practise the Part-II exercise, which is the advanced form of kuddutasana.  Here in this exercise instead of inserting the hands in between the thighs and calf, they should be placed in front of the legs (refer Figs. 31.1 and 31.2).   Raise the knees to the maximum extent.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  Very useful exercise for back pain. 

2.  This exercise stimulates lower part of belly and all abdominal disorder will be eliminated.

3.  It gives enough strength to the shoulder, thighs and to the legs, and hence it is a very effective exercise for athletes and sportsmen.

4.  This exercise is recommended for artists and craftsmen because it gives enough strength to wrists.

5.  This exercise gives enough strength to the shoulders and wrists.  It is beneficial to players.

6.  Practisting this exercise helps to cure several abdominal problems. 

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