KARNA  PEEDASANA:  (Ear Posture)

      'Karna' refers to the ear and 'pada' means pain or discomfort.  The name itself suggests that this is an effective exercise to eliminate all the problems connected with ear.


1.  Start with Sarvangasana (as Fig. 56.0).

2.  Bend towards the back on the head and toes should touch the ground.  Press the right thigh against right ear and left thigh against left ear.  The knees should touch the ground and chin should touch the neck  (refer Fig. 97.0).

KARNA  PEEDASANA:  (Ear Posture)

3.  Hold about 30 to 40 seconds with normal breathing.  Stretch the hands above the head and keep them straight.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  As the name itself suggests, all the ear problems are cured.  There will be a definite cure for temporary deafness.

2.  The pain in the reign of knees, shoulder, and thighs are cured.

3.  Cures indigestion and reduces fat in the region of hips.

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