JATHARA PARIVARTHANASANA:   (Stomach Rolling  Posture)


1.  Lie flat on the ground and stretch the arms towards both the sides.  Keep the shoulders straight.

2.  Exhale slowly, raise both the legs together so that they should be perpendicular to the ground (refer Fig. 60.0).

JATHARA PARIVARTHANASANA:   (Stomach Rolling  Posture)

3.  hold in this position for few seconds.  Exhale, slowly move both; the legs sideways so that the toes must touch the ground.  Ensure to keep the back straight and on the floor (refer fig. 60.1).

JATHARA PARIVARTHANASANA:   (Stomach Rolling  Posture)

4.  Hold in this position for few seconds.

5.  Practice on the other sid3 with the same process.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  As the name suggests, this exercise helps to stimulate the stomach region and also helps to reduce excess fat in that region.

2.  This is the most beneficial exercise for those who are suffering from stomach pain, indigestion, and gastritis and stomach disorders.

3.  This exercise removes the problem in the area of liver, spleen and pancreas.

4.  This help to cure back pain and pain in the region of hip.

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