HALASANA:  (The Plough Posture)

     It is an extension of Viparitha Karni and is considered as one of the best Hatha yoga systems.


1.  Start with Sarvangasana posture. (refer fig. 56.0).

2.  Stretch the hands back on the floor with the palm touching the ground.  Move the trunk upwards so that toes rest on the floor (refer Fig. 57.0). Chin is to be pressed against chest.

HALASANA:  (The Plough Posture)

3.  Hold for 15 to 20  seconds with normal breathing.

4.  Return back slowly to the normal position.

5.  Repeat the process only twice.

Precaution:  Those who are suffering from stiffness in spinal column or long illness are advised to practice this asana under the supervision of yoga teacher.

Therapeutic Advantages.

1.  Most beneficial exercise for the spinal column.

2. It helps to strengthen the spinal cord, which gets  maximum stretch and hence all the disorders will be rectified.

3.  Abdominal muscles are stretched and defect in that region will be cured.  Ensures good digestion and appetite.  Practicing this exercise helps to give physical beauty, youthfulness and good shape to the body.

4.  Activates the glandular systems and helps to cure menstrual disorder.

5.  It reduces the excess fat in the region of hips and waist.

6.  Provides youthfulness to the face and to the body.

7.  It nourishes the sexual organ and provides sexual power and vigor.  Strengthens the weak sex glands.

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