GOMUKHASANA:  (The  Cow-Head Posture)


1.  Sit on the ground and stretch the legs forward.

2.  Fold the left knee back and sit on the left foot.  Raise the right leg and place right thigh over the left one.

3.  Slowly bring left arm to the back. Slowly take the right arm in order to make a lock as shown in the Fig. 42.0 and 42.1.

GOMUKHASANA:  (The  Cow-Head Posture)

GOMUKHASANA:  (The  Cow-Head Posture)

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  This  exercise helps to cure all the joint pains of the body.

2.  This exercise gives much stretch to the hands and legs, and hence it is recommended for sportsmen.

3.  By practicing this exercise, the finger joints, wrists and shoulder become flexible so it is recommended for artists and craftsmen.

4.  The pain in the region of shoulder and back is cured.

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