This yogic posture resembles the species of bird.  This is one of the difficult yogic exercises, which has several uses.


1. Perform Chakrabhandasana.

2.  Slowly insert the head in between the legs.  The heels should touch the shoulder (refer Fig. 90.0).


3.  Place the arm straight towards sideways like wings of the bird (refer Fig. 90.1).


4.  Hold in this position for few seconds with normal breathings.

5.  Release the interlock and then slowly take back the head from in between the legs  Resume back to Chakrabhandasan.  Come back to the normal position and relax.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  The problems in the area of spinal and abdominal organs are cured.

2. This exercise helps to increase vitality.

3.  The disorder in the region of pelvic, abdominal region are cured.

4.  Practicing this exercise helps to increase the KUNDALINI POWER (Cosmic energy in the body).

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