1.  Lie down on the floor and stretch the legs forward.

2.  Bend the knees and lift the leg with the support of hands.

3.  Exhale slowly, place the leg at the back of the neck portion.  A Lift the neck and head so that is is straight (refer Fig. 64.0).


4.  Stay in this position for about 15 to 30 seconds.

5.  With the support of the hands, take back the leg to the normal position.  Practise this exercise alternatively for both the legs.

Caution:   While placing the leg on the back of the neck and also while stretching the knees, one should perform very slowly.  Otherwise in some instances sprain in the region of neck or in the region of knees will be felt.

Therapeutic Advantages.

1.  This is an effective exercise to cure neck and back pain.

2.  It strengthens the joints in the region of knees and also gives strength to the shoulders.


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