In this yogic exercise both the legs are stretched and placed on the back.  Those who are familiar with Ekapada Shirshasana can easily practice this exercise with little effort.


1.  Start Ekapada Shirshasana, that is, place one leg behind the back of the neck.

2.  Exhale slowly and lift the other leg with the support of hand and place it behind the neck.

3.  Place hands on the floor and lift the hands off from the floor, so that the entire body balance is supported with the hands (refer Fig. 67.0).


4.  Stay in this posture for a few seconds and release the foot locks slowly and then resume normal position.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  In this exercise the abdominal muscle and the lungs are stretched and hence it tones up all the abdominal functions and also cures lung disorders.

2.  The shoulder, the neck, the legs and the back are stretched and gives good support to that entire region.

3.  Though it is difficult to perform this exercise, it gives the flexibility to the entire body system.  We advise yoga practitioners to practice this exercise without fail.

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