CHAKRASANA:  (Wheel Posture)

      'Chakra'  refers to 'Wheel' , and in this yogic practice, body should bend and resemble a wheel.  This exercise can be done either in standing position or in  lying position.


1.  Perform Tadasana.

2.  Place the legs apart, about one-foot.

CHAKRASANA:  (Wheel Posture)

3.  Raise the hands above the head.  The hands should be straight.

4.  Inhale slowly and then bend the body backwards.

5.  Slowly bend the body and then place the palm on the ground just behind the ankles.

6.  The hands and legs should be erect and firm.

7.  Hold in this position for a few seconds with normal breathing.  Come back to the normal position and relax.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  This exercise is very good for those who are suffering form back pain.  In this exercise the entire back position is exercised very well so it is very useful to sportsmen.

2.  This exercise helps to correct the disorders of the kidney.

3.  Cures the disorders of the neck, shoulder and the spine.  It helps to make the spinal column more flexible.

4.  It helps to cure throat problems, tonsils and chronic headache.

5.  Improves vision power and corrects eye disorders.

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