In Sanskrit 'Bhuja' refers to 'upper arm' and 'Bhujanga' means a 'serpent'.  This exercise resembles a large snake.  Hence it is termed as Bhujangasana.


1.  Lie down on the ground with face downward.  2.  Keep the palm on the ground beside the chest.

3.  Inhale slowly and raise the hand and trunk as in the shape of hood of the Cobra.

4.  Hold in this position for few seconds and take normal breath (refer Fig. 70.0).


 5.  Exhale slowly and come back to normal position.

Caution:   Those who are suffering f4rom stiffness in spinal column are advised to practice this exercise slowly.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  This exercise gives stretching to muscles of the neck, back and trunk, hence the pains in the region of neck, back and trunk are cured.

2.  This exercise helps to cure slipped disc and backache.

3.  The abdominal area are activated and hence the pancreas, stomach, liver, and other digestive organs will be strengthened.  This cures indigestion and other abdominal disorders.

4.  This exercise cures various menstrual problems.

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