ARDHA CHANDRASANA :(Half-Moon Posture)

'Ardsha' refers to 'half'.   Chandra is the 'Moon'.  This yogic exercise resembles the half moon, hence it is termed as Ardha Chandrasana.

ARDHA CHANDRASANA :(Half-Moon Posture)


1.  Perform Tadasana (refer to Fig. 1.0).

2.  Raise the hands above the head.  The hands and body should be straight and stretched well.

3.  Inhale, slowly bend backward so that  the back and hands are horizontal to the ground.

4.  Hold in this position for about 15 to 20 seconds.  Breathe deeply and evenly.

5.  Slowly raise the hands and body forward, then back to the normal position.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  It provides good nourishment to the abdominal organs and digestive system of the body.

2.  Practicing this exercise helps to cure gastric trouble and indigestion.

3.  It provides body balance, stiffness to the leg muscles and to the hands. 

4.  It provides good body shape and structure.

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