This is one of the wonderful yogic exercises, which has several benefits for the human body system.


1.  Sit on the ground and stretch the legs straight forward.

2.  Hold right big toe by left hands and left big toe by a right hand.  Hold the big toes with the help of index and middle fingers.

3.  Exhale, slowly fold the left leg at the knee's position and insert below the shoulder of the left hand.  Pull the left foot up until the heel is near the right ear (refer Fig. 83.0).


4.  Hold in this position for about 15 to 20 seconds with normal breathing.

5.  Slowly bring down the left leg to the ground and keep both the legs stretched on the ground. 

7.  Repeat the exercise on the other side as explained above.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  This exercise gives severe stretch to the muscles, hop joints and shoulders.  hence this exercise will help cure joints pain and rheumatic pains.

2.  While performing this exercise the abdominal muscles are contracted which helps movement of bowels.  Hence it curs all the abdominal disorders and strengthens the digestive system.

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