ADHOMUKA VRIKSHASANA:   (Full arm Balance Posture)


1.  Stand on the ground, bend forward and place the palm on  the floor.  Raise the legs so that they are horizontal to the ground (refer Fig. 93.0).

ADHOMUKA VRIKSHASANA:   (Full arm Balance Posture)

2.  Exhale slowly and then stretch the legs upward.  The entire body balance is on the hands.  (refer Fig. 93.1 & 93.2).

ADHOMUKA VRIKSHASANA:   (Full arm Balance Posture)

ADHOMUKA VRIKSHASANA:   (Full arm Balance Posture)

Caution:   This is a difficult exercise, one can experience difficulty ion performing this exercise in the initial stages.  So it is advisable to practice this exercise with the support of the wall.  Once the practice is continued the in one can easily practice  without any support.

Therapeutic Advantages

      Most of the uses are similar to Vrischikasana.

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